Caring for Your Life
Caring for Your Life



Thank you for all of the support you have provided Sue and me.  I appreciate your help through each of the steps in Sue’s stay in the rest home, as well as the effort you have put in since her passing to supervise the house preparation for sale, and then having Ruthie complete the sale of the home.  Over and over you have stepped in and saved me in the fallout from Sue’s decline.  You really have done a great service for me and my family.  We are fortunate for having you know what needed to be done for Sue’s care, and then directing whatever needed to be done after her passing. Thank you for all you have done to smooth over this entire experience.

Thank you so very much.



Harry W

“We liked Jeri from the moment she came into our home. She was professional and knowledgeable, and we knew she had my parents’ best interests at heart. Her comprehensive evaluation was essential to help my mother’s doctor understand the seriousness of her needs. Jeri also assisted with finding the right in-home health caregiver to provide support and respite care for mom so that I could work without feeling guilty. We couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you, Jeri.”

Lisa Keith, Psy.D.

Having you as a resource for Margery’s care lends a whole lot of support to me personally. It’s worth its weight in gold.

Suzanne Abrams

My sister and I had a fantastic experience working with Jeri while she was helping our 80 year old aunt with mild cognitive impairment. We live six hours away and were overwhelmed trying to figure out how to move our aunt closer to us, while dealing with memory loss , telephone scams, and a variety of other issues.

Jeri jumped right in and immediately made a huge difference. She is professional, experienced and knowledgeable, and we felt comfortable with her right away. Our aunt also felt that Jeri was trustworthy and enjoyed her support and company.

She facilitated moving our aunt closer to us within a surprisingly short period of time. Jeri connected us with a placement specialist, helped pack, dealt with the movers, and personally drove our aunt to her new home. We really appreciated how Jeri kept in contact throughout the whole process and gave us frequent updates by email, text and phone. She also responded very quickly to any questions.

Besides the move, Jeri was able to help with a wide range of other issues and made everything simple and manageable for us. She helped figure out finances, found evidence of identity theft and took our aunt to the social security office to get everything straightened out. She also drove our aunt to medical appointments and other office visits, made many important phone calls, and prepared Power of Attorney documents for finance and health care. 

We also really appreciate that Jeri offers ongoing support and continues to check in. She was truly a lifesaver for us and we wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone in need of any level of support.

Allysen Abernethy Hansen

Hiring you was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. Thank you, [Jeri], for all of your support.

Karen Fu

Jeri is very understanding, compassionate and willing to give firm suggestions without insisting on her opinion. Her ego is pretty healthy. Jeri [does] this work purely out of passion.

John Fu

Dear Jeri,

It has been my privilege to have known you a.s the office manager, advisor and enabler for Dr. Michael Stubblefield for many years.
You are among a select group of care givers with a sincere desire to help people with intelligence, wit and knowledge. You helped me when I was desperately in need of help and didn’t know it was available.

With your fundamental knowledge, keen intelligence and a sense of humor there is no way your new endeavor can fail…


Mick Mickelson

Dear Jeri,

I was delighted when I read of your expansion into elder care management as it is a field that is presently under-served yet the need for this service is growing rapidly. You will be a perfect partner for concerned families of those needing assistance in their daily lives. Whether the families are living in another area or are having to continue their career or perhaps they are feeling too inexperienced in making well informed decisions for their loved one, you and your service can relieve them of the stress associated with the care of an elder I well remember the kindness you showed when it was time to bring my husband home from a skilled nursing facility. I had assumed I would need to arrange for rental of a hospital bed, wheel chair and medical supplies as well as arrange for medical transport. I called to let you know of my decision and the steps I was about to take to. You immediately told me to stop my planning and you made arrangements for a local hospice organization to contact me. I would not have thought to do that and will forever be grateful to you. Additionally, you took the time from your work to come to our home the day the transport took place as you wanted to be sure all had been prepared and was ready for my husband’s arrival. Once more, I thank you.

Wilda J. Frasher

Jeri Stubblefield was very helpful to my mother several years ago.  Although I lived in the same town I was unable to be available to deal with all my mother’s needs. Jeri stepped in and helped my mother with many things including managing her bill paying, reminders for medication, making healthier meal choices, assisting with medical appointments as well as being a trusted confidante for a lonely person and a good resource for me.  My mother was a particularly difficult case as she suffered from mental health and addiction issues.  Jeri was very patient with my mother and always showed compassion and understanding. I would definitely recommend Jeri as a senior care manager.

Tenli Vanrozeboom, RPT,CMT,CLT

Dear Jeri:

I truly want to Thank You for all your help over the past year! When my Mother’s health began to fail precipitously, Dad and I were in a really bad spot. Your advice and information concerning Home Hospice Care sources was immensely helpful  –  Heaven Sent, in fact!

With your help we were given access to highly experienced and compassionate health care professionals trained to assist in all home hospice assistance needs and end-of-life medical care. It allowed my Mother to pass away peacefully and with dignity in the comfort of her own house and in the company of close family.

When my Father developed mobility problems you referred him to a specialist physical therapy clinic that was able to quickly diagnose the source of the problem and prescribe immediate exercise therapies to help him back on the path to safety and continued independence.

I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone in need of Elderly Care Management services of any kind!

Good Luck and take care for now…

Bruce Mickelson

Many thanks for all your dedication and endless hours of hard work.

Norma & George Chosin