Caring for Your Life
Caring for Your Life

Senior Care Consultants of Central California Living the Final Chapter of Your Life with Dignity Help... ...When You Need it Most!

Caring for Your Life

Senior Care Consultants of Central California
  • Dedicated to helping the elderly and their families navigate the challenges of the aging process.
  • Working together to create a practical game plan designed to create a safe, comfortable living environment for your aging loved one.
  • Offer forward thinking suggestions to help reduce crisis situations and associated stress they can cause.
  • Develop contingency plans to reduce or eliminate emergency hospitalizations.

Why You Need Us

The elderly present a unique set of challenges.  Conditions can change quickly if potential dangers are not identified or ignored.  As we age our systems can break down with little or no warning, especially when plagued with chronic illnesses, multiple medications, frailty, memory issues, recent falls, and other age related conditions.  It can be challenging and stressful working with these individuals especially for the ill-informed or inexperienced.  Judgement can be compromised during a state of urgency when calmer, experienced objectivity can make reasonable assessments and suggest practical suggestions to reduce anxiety and resolve issues before they become a crisis or result in needless hours spent in emergency rooms.

Jeri Stubblefield, MBA, CSA

A majority of my adult life has been spent in technical and managerial roles within the medical field.  With the knowledge and skills I have acquired and my passion for helping the aging community, Geriatric Care Management became the obvious next step in my career. In 2008, I established my consulting firm Caring for Your Life in Fresno, California and began helping at risk seniors and their families with a wide range of transitional issues.  From helping gather or prepare important documents to recommending and overseeing hospice services, my services grew to incorporate assessments, fiduciary services, and even personal caregiving in my home.  Geriatric Care Management offers me the opportunity to put my specific talents, knowledge, and experience to work for you and your family.

Our Mission

Why we do what we do.

Our Mission is to provide caregivers, family members and our clients a better understanding of the aging process through education, support and kindness.  We provide personalized, independent Care Management services focused on improving the Quality of Life of our clients through assessment and coordination of all members of the Circle of Care.  Our referral network and knowledge of resources in the community becomes invaluable as the condition of our clients change.

Geriatric Care Management

A Personal Approach

Geriatric Care Managers are independent, private pay advocates and advisers, hired by an aging client, family member, medical professional or agency to make comprehensive assessments, focus on ways to solve problems, maintain dignity and independence, improve the quality of life and insure the comfort, safety and general well being of the client.  Our mission is to provide caregivers, family members and our clients a better understanding of the aging process through education, support and hands-on, common sense recommendations.  We are the ultimate problem solver for most age-related challenges.

We Are There When You Can’t Be

Decluttering · Purging · Simplifying 

Reduce stress through simplification.  Easy for some but not so easy for others.  We can help move towards reducing clutter and unwanted “stuff” to make room for what is important at this stage of life.  Let us show you how.

Important Documents

We help you get organized to make sure all of the important people in your life know who is in charge, what your wishes are as you near the end of your life, and how to contact all of the key players & documents.

Non-Medical Home Care

  • Coordinate and oversee placement of in home caregivers
  • Facilitate installation of Medical Alert System
  • Provide helpful and beneficial resources in your area
  • Arrange for volunteers to check on your loved one

Medication and Living Management

  • Develop systems or medication management
  • Identify and arrange for transportation
  • Consult and oversee decisions regarding residential transitions
  • Recommend palliative or hospice care as necessary

Final Disposition Services

There is life after death.  It can take up to a year or more to deal with the disposition of assets left behind by your loved one.  Proper planning can make this job easier, but will not eliminate it.  We can help with these tasks during this difficult time in your life.

To schedule a confidential consultation please provide me with a brief summary of your immediate concerns and I will contact you in person to set up an appointment time.

Jeri Stubblefield, MBA, CSA
Geriatric Care Manager

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